COMES FACUNDUS IN VIA PRO VEHICULO EST – A pleasant companion on the road  is equal to a carriage ..

(Publius Syrus)

Every warrior need to be armed and equipped. Weapon is the best friend of any warrior, and his equipment is a faithful companion that helps him overcome the burden of the march, the boredom of waiting on the cold ground in winter and gives a sip of water in the hot summer.
But the most important thing is that the equipment is a soldier’s partner in battle.

Our task is to make sure that your equipment is your reliable and faithful companion, which will not fail in a difficult moment of battle, and will not cause inconvenience in everyday use.

Our main mission, and what really matters, is to provide the best equipment to people who risk everything for our country and our freedom.

We know what our fighters need because we communicate with them. The combat experience of Ukrainian soldiers is embodied in the design of combat equipment.

It is a great honor for us to support your mission and thank you for your trust.

SPUTNIK-GEAR brand team.



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