Warranty on basic materials (fabric, straps), plastic hardware (zippers, velcro, plastic accessories, buttons), for all products – 1 year from the date of sale.

Guarantee on quality of production – 5 years.

Cases not covered by the warranty:

Mechanical damage to the outer and / or inner layer of the fabric caused by the action of sharp, hard, cutting objects (nails, fragments, thorns, etc.) or the action of abrasives.
Non-compliance with temperature regimes during operation and storage (signs – traces of flame, high temperatures, melting, thermal deformation).
Damage under the influence of chemicals (liquids, vapors)
Biological damage (mold, mildew, rodent damage)
Damage resulting from improper use.
In case of detection of defects or breakdowns during operation, in compliance with the operating conditions, the product will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

You can order the product directly on the website. After ordering, we will contact you to confirm the details. The first order is automatically registered – with subsequent orders, your data will be automatically entered into the fields.

You can also choose the product you are interested in on the site and contact us at:

phone number, WhatsApp: +38 063 519 8326 (Stanislav)

e-mail: sputnik-gear@ukr.net

We will give you information how to pay, receive the order.

The equipment is made in Ukraine.



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